Beach Day

Achyuth Madabhushi

Beach Day
Monday, August 24, 2015

Today was an awesome day! We left for the beach at 8:30 in the morning and arrived around 11. The beach was absolutely stunning, with pristine white sand. We played volleyball, did some karaoke, ate some great food prepared by our host family, took naps, walked around. It was a phenomenal capstone to the exhausting week we had. The beach was ranked second highest in the world. 

We had so much fun playing with some of the local kids on the beach. They eagerly taught Natalie and Sarah a few phrases in Visayas. Playing volleyball with locals was great! They made so much fun of each other for blunders, we fit right in. Even I played some volleyball! Of course I was being very careful. 

The ride home was beautiful, we stopped at a local market where there was fresh baked bread. It tasted so good. Riding in the van through the chocolate hills was breathtaking , especially because it was around sunset. Overall, the day was awesome, not a single regret was shed.