Pasanan and the Chocolate Hills

Benjamin Smith

Pasanan and the Chocolate Hills
Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Wow! Today was quite something, from amazingly organized communities to breath taking scenery, the day was full of pleasant surprises. We started our day at 6 AM and we wandered to the local market. While there, we bought some much needed replacement supplies. Sarah and Natalie bought some funky pants and I bought a much needed bucket hat. AKA sun burn prevention at its finest.  After that we came back and ate a filling breakfast at the Muneses’ home. Natalie showed me the best way to cut up eggs and mix them with rice and it was delicious! If you haven’t noticed already, I love food. Not only do I love food, I can eat a surprisingly large amount of food. I surprise myself every day.

An interesting part of the day was going to Pasanan, a nearby community. They had implemented some sustainable solutions to their water problems. We found that the community was incredibly organized. They had a plan to develop their rain water catchment systems, they were incredibly transparent with their community and they were incredibly engaged in giving us information. We learned that they had a reservoir that they saved up to construct. It held 36 m^3  of water. We tested their water for pH, DO, TDS, arsenic, alkalinity, hardness, and chlorine. Unfortunately were unable to test for bacteria. I forgot the test kits at home, I was a little distracted with breaking my wrist and all. Still no excuse, I need Neville’s Remembrall! Good news is that the well we tested had clean water!

We had an amazing lunch! We were able to visit the beautiful chocolate hills. Beautiful is an understatement. As Vin Diesel said in Furious 7, “Words ain’t even been invented yet”, that’s how beautiful it was. I watched the movie on the flight, no I’m not secretly a Vin Diesel fan boy. There are some sweet pictures, but even those don’t do the view justice. It was spectacular. I’m obsessed with Bohol. It’s a beautiful island.

That’s all for now.