Pre-Travel Preparations

Benjamin Smith

Pre-Travel Preparations
Tuesday, August 11, 2015

As the travel team starts making final preparations, I thought it could be fun for the folks following along at home to see some of the steps taken to plan a trip like this. Pictured above is one of our travel team meetings from earlier this summer, replete with diligent note-taking, collaborative thinking, and of course a healthy serving of pizza.


It is at these meetings we would outline in detail our itineraries for the trip: who to talk to, what to ask them, where and how to test water. It may not sound like a lot, but in reality we have nearly every hour of each day accounted for in a big, detailed Excel table. As I look back on all that has been accomplished just getting to this point, I am truly impressed by the organization of our project managers and the work of our club members! And, of course, I am very thankful to have such great mentors guiding us through the process.


Stay tuned for stories from our self defense class, and for pictures to see what packing for a two-week trip across the world looks like.(spoiler alert: it's a little scary!)


Your friendly neighborhood travel team member,