Self Defense Class

Benjamin Smith

Self Defense Class
Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The latest in our series of pre-trip blog posts, a brief overview of the self defense class we took last week. While there we learned some simple but effective moves to protect ourselves should anything happen while traveling; things like palm strikes and shin kicks, avoiding grabs, and escaping headlocks. We also got to meet the friendly dummy Bob, who has the unfortunate day job of taking punches and kicks from nine to five.


Now I hope nobody is worried by the fact that we chose to take a self defense class - the area we are traveling to is very safe, we just like to take every precaution we can. From the behalf of the whole travel team, we would like to thank ATA martial arts in Newark, Delaware for being so generous as to give us a free lesson! We would certainly recommend this center to anyone interested in a self defense class, or in more advanced martial arts training.