T-Minus 4 Days to Lift-Off!

Benjamin Smith

T-Minus 4 Days to Lift-Off!
Monday, August 10, 2015

We are only days away from departing on our first assessment trip to the community of Ubujan! This summer has been a flurry of travel team meetings, preparations, research, and planning, so it is very exciting for all of us to be so close to leaving. We would all like to thank the wonderful members and mentors of EWB-UD for working so hard to make this possible, the University of Delaware for supporting us, and our many donors and sponsors for making this trip possible.


For those who may not know, the travel team is: Achyuth Madabhushi, Sarah Hartman, Natalie Muneses, myself (Ben Smith), Jimit Modi, and Kim Bothi. Achyuth and Sarah are our terrific project managers who have worked unbelievably hard getting us to this point. Natalie's grandmother lives in the Philippines and is our primary community contact, and Natalie has been working hard from day one with EWB-UD. Jimit is a practicing environmental engineer who has graciously used his vacation time to oversee our trip, and Kim Bothi is one of our wonderful mentors, who has extensive experience volunteering abroad and has been invaluable to our club since joining this last year.


Be sure to follow along with this blog for updates on our progress, stories from the team members, and pictures and video of the trip!