Ubujan Water Park

Achyuth and Natalie

Ubujan Water Park
Saturday, August 22, 2015


It’s the 22nd of August, this is Achyuth speaking. Today was an eventful day of water sampling. We started off the measuring at a small stream where some women and children were washing clothes. I had a headache yesterday and had to sit out of the evening’s water testing activites. I feel much better now that I’ve had some extra rest. We got to teach some of the community members how to use the water testing equipment. At one point, we had some down time where some community members crafted with leaves. We need to measure the width of a dam and there were some kids swimming in the river that helped us measure. The kids were sliding down the dam and into the downstream part of the river. It looked awesome! We dubbed it the local water slide. I’ll pass the torch to Natalie who will recap the rest of the day’s events.

Hey all, it’s Natalie. Today was an experience all in itself. Achyuth did a great job explaining our fun water testing this morning. I can never get over how kind the people are here. After lunch the team had the opportunity to meet with the Congressman of the 2nd district, the district the ancestral home is located. We informed him of our plans in Ubujan and he seemed very enthusiastic of our presence. I am thankful that my grandparents are so active with this project and successfully set up this meeting for the team.

After the meeting, we headed off to see a cock fight, a former national pastime of the Philippines However, on our way to the van, Achyuth flew into the car underestimating his height and hit his head on the top of the van. He was unable to come with us to the cock fight but met up with us later on. The cock fight was an interesting experience to say the least, an acquired taste. We stayed for a couple of fights and went to interview the Porok leaders of Ubujan.

The team split up into two and interviewed each Porok leader individually and asked them specific questions about their Porok. Like every other day they welcomed us with open arms and answered our questions the best they could. When we were done with business a few members of the counsel came prepared with white t-shirts and every member of the team signed the back of their shirts! Community bonding at its finest.

Immediately after we headed over to the local hospital to talk with the head physician; my dad’s cousin. We asked him a couple of questions and received a tour of the hospital. We saw many young children still with smiles on their faces and newborns sleeping with their moms. We then went back home for dinner and my uncle joined.

Also, a huge cockroach landed on Jimit.