We Made It!

Benjamin Smith

We Made It!
Saturday, August 15, 2015

Greetings from Manila! The travel team is very pleased to say we landed safely in Manila last night and meandered over to our hotel for the night. 

We started off our trip in high spirits (see picture above). Despite the 20+ hours of flying that lay ahead of us, we were all smiles in the airport! Even getting up at 3:30 to catch the shuttle to JFK didn't stop Achyuth from leading us in singing some tunes on the UD campus - and yes, our group is available for weddings. 

The first flight (12 hours) took some getting used to, especially for myself, who finds discomfort in sitting in  a car for more than two hours. However between naps, books, and lots of movies, everyone made it through in comfort. After landing in Dubai we rushed through security to connect on our second flight to Manila, this one a meager nine hours, that proved no challenge to us veteran travelers. 

The only bad news - our short layover saw us get to the next flight, but not our luggage. All of our bags were left in Dubai, and will be arriving here at 5:00 for us to pick up. We decided to wait for our things rather than continue on to the community, because if something else were to go wrong, we might be left without equipment and fresh clothes for days. So our schedule has now been pushed back a day, but that hasn't taken the smile off any of our faces. 

Here's something I know my mom will appreciate - about every hour and a half on the flight I would grab either a granola bar or my bag of trail mix to have a snack on the plane, and as the stewards began preparing the second in-flight meal Natalie says "I'm so full I don't even know if I can eat it". To which I reply "are you kidding I'm starving?" and she can't help but laugh because she knows I've been eating the whole time. Obviously the airplane portions were not Ben-sized, least of all the scrambled eggs they served in the morning :)


I will now pass the mic on to Achyuth to describe some of his experiences ,

Last night was pretty eventful, but the real fun started when we got to the hotel. I was really hungry because I slept through the in-flight meals so I decided to pay a visit to the hotel restaurant. They serve hot dogs. That's right, HOT DOGS!!! I got 2. Interestingly enough, they serve them with mayonnaise and relish. Sounds gross, totally delicious. I started thinking about how glorious it would be to take a shower then came to the stark realization that I couldn't. Since my wrist is in a cast, I can't risk getting water in it. I brought bags to wrap it in and duct tape to seal it, but those are in my carry-on. I guess I'm staying smelly for a little bit. Ben doesn't seem to mind, he says, "You actually smell kind of good". I'm joking. Breakfast couldn't come faster.